Hit the ball with your mouse racket to pass the level in this fun, minimalistic game! You are trying to find your way in a weird labyrinth.

NOTE: The browser game was a short submission for the Mouse Movement Jam. You can buy the full version if you enjoyed the jam submission, which includes better graphics and physics, and overall a full gaming experience.


Operating Systems:

  • Windows 32 / 64
  • Linux 32 / 64
  • Mac 64


If you want to get in touch, report bugs, or know more about the game, you can find me @SteliosWinters

If you want to find out more about my other projects, check out - SteliosWinters.com

Music by Teknoaxe

Thank you for visiting, and for those who enjoyed this page enough to donate, I appreciate the support and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed creating and testing it!


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HIT N DESCENT-linux32.zip 83 MB
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HIT N DESCENT-osx64.zip 89 MB
HIT N DESCENT-win32.zip 74 MB
HIT N DESCENT-win64.zip 78 MB

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i liked the game the gameplay is hardd but i actuly finiched it coz the are no variety of enemies and levels

Happy that you liked the game! Yeah this is just a basic idea for the jam, I liked it a lot so I am planning to make it into a full game with a lot more variety!

the time don't let you make a big full game and please try the game tha submited if you wanted to


Yeah jams are mostly to test new ideas and if they work very well, make them into something better after if you wish :)